MaplePine Farm is mostly about relaxation 'with not much to do but the outdoors'  we are not promoting an activity based stay, we can only provide our brand of hospitality.  So many asking: 'what can we do, what activities do you have,' this is not what we are about.  We encourage tranquility, patience and respect.   We are surrounded by paddy fields, close by is Mawphlang Sacred Forest and David Scott Trail.


From Shillong – Rhino Point:  Drive up road as if going to Cherapunjee.  When you Reach Air force Base  (Eastern Air Command), go about 200m - and see fork in road.   Straight – goes to Cherrapunjee – do not go straight - you should turn to Right, to the far right also is road to go to Elephant Falls (do not go down that one).

  • You will see a sign with directions to various places.  You should follow directions to Mawphlang.  First from this turn go about 10 km to village of Mawngap – this is a main intersection. 
  • Keep going straight another 4 km (you will pass – PHE –Public Health Engineer - along the way.)
Along the way from turn near Airforce Base you will have passed 3 Petrol Pumps – India Oil – Assam Oil – and Indian Oil.
  • You will come to Mawphlang and again a Fork in Road.  At Mawphlang you will see sign to go to Sacred Forest – don’t go there, you will turn right at Fork on road that goes to Mawsynram

After reaching flat area (about 3 km from Mawphlang), drive slowly, you will pass a broken bus shed, another 100 metres or so you will see a small MP sign on Electric Post, here is the dirt road you follow for about 400metres to football field and then our place across the river..  

** Note the house to the left.