Due to some 'Personal' Family Health issues we will be closed and not accepting guests for the rest of April and May. We will re- open in June - that also with a few unique changes: We will be a 'No plastic' zone - No 'Mineral Water Bottles allowed on the property' - if you bring your own bottle we will give you some of the purest ground water, with taste, for free. We will encourage you to deposit all your plastics in a special bin for future recycling, all you compos-tables in a different bin for composting, and all your paper and metal in a separate bin for future recycling.


Before you decide to come to MaplePine Farm Bed and Breakfast

you should likely think about a few things:


As a family we decided to set up MaplePine Farm, something a little different and new for Meghalaya.  We decided to struggle for a couple years to build it ourselves.  We started out living in tents in the middle of winter here at 1680 metres elevation, cold freezing nights but beautiful sunny days.  Many people did and still do not understand what we are doing and what we are hoping for.

MaplePine Farm is somewhere between camping, bed & Breakfast, home stay experience and a lodge.  We do have comfortable rooms and beds, but we are not going to bring your food to your room; we have a dining room for that, where all can eat and meet.

We do have toilets and a sink for the room, but you will have to go to a Central Bath and Shower room. We are completely off grid and could not manage hot water heaters in every cabin.

As for the nature of the property, that is exactly it, it is about nature. We certainly don’t mind a little drinking and a good time. We do mind and others may mind loud music and somebody just coming to party.  Imagine if you went someplace for a quite tranquil time and somebody else had some loud Hindi music on and singing and dancing, not really what one would wish for.  We are basically a getaway, your mobile network might not work too well, and you might not get fast internet connection.  But you will get a break from all that might have been stressing you out.

We expect mutual respect, for person and property. We do not have a large full time staff to run around for your orders.  We treat the workers we have very much like family and ask that our clients treat them so as well.

As for food, we can do a lot of things and give you good food.  But we cannot have you arriving and order this and that on the spot.  Given enough time we can do it.  So please don’t expect that you are coming to a resort where when you arrive you can just have this and that, there and then.

So, basically, if you read the above and read our yes or no is MaplePine Farm for you, and you feel comfortable coming. Then we are here to host you and share an enjoyable experience.


MaplePine Farm New Understanding:

  1. We will not be taking booking for groups of more than 4 who are just coming for one night. (2 night’s minimum stay).
  2. Exceptions for people we know or who are coming to relax for the day or afternoon and spend the night. Have preordered lunch/dinner – like a family outing or similar.
  3. Exceptions for Groups, such as Domestic and International Travellers moving around.
    1. We do still recommend groups stay for at least two nights to appreciate the surroundings, especially if you arriving late in the afternoon or evening.
  4. We also don’t take requests for 2 hours or just the afternoon by couples..

** Why:  we have found that most groups who come just for one night are coming just to drink, party and eat late.  They rarely show much appreciation for the food my wife lovingly cooks nor the surroundings.  We are not really a place to just crash – lots of Hotels in Shillong or Guwahati to do that.


MaplePine Bed and Breakfast:

“not  much to do, except moving in the outdoors”

‘If you arrived here thinking you arrived at a resort, let’s hope you leave here knowing you did not.’


Each cabin in all its imperfections was built by us with our own hands.  We have not taken help or even been offered help from the Tourism Department.   We are loan free and obligation free.

The only outside help, and we did not ask for it, but will always be grateful; is the Renewable Energy System that we have.  That was a series of 16 Pilot Projects done in Meghalaya by the Meghalaya Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy Department.

We spent 2 months (Dec and January) as a family some years back; our youngest son was 8 months old, building the first cabin.  We stayed in tents, enjoying the cold temperatures and working in the day.  This was done before we had power.  After that we got power and were able to build faster.

Now we keep improving on what has been build, it is not our goal to make a big commercial property.  For all the business people or want to be resort owners, who suggest we make a road, put a big sign, add more cabins: we may or may not do some of them, but even if we do it will be at our pace.

If coming to a place and realizing it is quiet and peaceful, but at the same time suggesting that it was difficult to find and we should put a Big Sign near the road, or coming to a place in an expensive Scorpio or other SUV and saying we should make a better road; then it is not what we are, and maybe you took a wrong turn way down near the Umiam Lake and should have gone to a ‘Resort.’

Each day in many of our lives, we are busy, running around, we are here to help you relax a little.  We do not claim to be something we are not nor do we wish to make people to come to something they do not want to come to.  We are here as we are, if you like it tell others, if you don’t:  you likely came to the wrong place.

‘Tread softly, lest you destroy that which you so desperately seek’


A Little about our Power System:

We are completely off Grid.

  • Solar and Wind energy, which is stored in batteries.
  • Batteries get depleted.

We ask that you be conscious of how you use the energy.

  • Turn lights off when you leave the cabin. (at night you may leave the outside light on.)
  • Turn lights off when you sleep, we have no ghosts that might be lurking, and if they are they prefer light.
  • Do not plug high energy equipment in – like immersion heaters, electrical kettles, electric heaters etc.

Our system is capable of producing up to 10kw of energy if all is perfect; Wind is high and Sun is shining.  The Solar Panels are capable of up to 3.6 Kw and each Windmill up to 3.2 Kw.  The energy produced from both these is stored in 72 Batteries – It is from these batteries that we draw our energy.  It goes to an Inverter as DC current at 48 volts.  It is then converted to AC current; a transformer raises the output to 220 volts.

Our output potential is up to 5kw, so we cannot have too many high energy products on at the same time.  We ourselves run our fridge, TV, induction cooker and other small electric items on this power.


We can’t provide hot water in each and every cabin, which is why we have a common shower room with the Solar Water Heater.  Most times there is sufficient hot water, but because it is dependent on Sun, if there is not much sun then the hot water is less.  Please use hot waters judiciously so it does not run out, you can have a nice bath without much hot water use.    If at times there is not hot water in the Solar system, we can provide a bucket of hot water (however do give us time) Water does not boil instantly.



Cabin 1


James with the help of Valariena, built Cabin 1 in 2011 before we had any electricity on the property, so all with hand saw and tools.  It is set off on its own with a double bed on the main level and a single mattress in the loft.

Ideal for a family and children – if there are 2 small children we can make it for 2 to sleep in the loft.

It has an attached bathroom and toilet; we still encourage a bucket bath to conserve water.  You also can go to the Shared Solar Shower room for a nice shower.

 Rs. 2250. for double occupancy.

 Children who are under 5 and use same bed as parents (no extra charge).

 ** Complementary breakfast is given before 8:30am.  If you want to laze around and have a late breakfast it will cost each person 200./person for that service.


Cabin 2


Built by James with the help of Pynskem, who often wondered about the construction methods, when it was finished decided one day he might build one for himself.

It is in the main compound in line with the ‘Twin Cabin’, built with an attic dormer giving a cozy upstairs to sleep in or just laze the afternoon away and read a book.  It has a double bed down and up.  Giving room for a small family with 2 or 3 kids.

It has an attached bathroom and toilet; we still encourage a bucket bath to conserve water.  You also can go to the Shared Solar Shower room for a nice shower.

 Rs. 2250. for double occupancy.

Children who are under 5 and use same bed as parents (no extra charge).

** Complementary breakfast is given before 8:30am.  If you want to laze around and have a late breakfast it will cost each person 200./person for that service.


Twin Cabins Room 1 and 2


Built by James with help of Pynskhem, using a Canadian Barn roof style.  These are smaller rooms that look exactly the same thus, the name Twin.  They are in line with Cabin 2 and have a main entrance with each room opposite to the other.  Toilet and sink are separate for each room within the main entrance.

The rooms are smaller but still have a double bed on the main floor, with a  single bed in the loft.

Rs. 1360. Double Occupancy; Extra Person: Rs. 340. inclusive of Taxes and Complementary, if taken before 8:30am

Children who are under 5 and use the same bed as parents (no extra charge.)

 ** Complementary breakfast is given before 8:30am.  If you want to laze around and have a late breakfast it will cost each person 200. /person,  for that service.




Tent Price:  Rs. 320./person inclusive of Breakfast if taken before 8:30 am.  We have 2, 3 and 5 person tents.

Included are a mattress, sleeping bag or blanket, sheet and pillow.

Some things to Consider:   The rooms are not ‘hostels’ to fit as many as you can in.  We limit the room in most cases, to 3 adults.  Tents are available if you want a cheap stay – just remember that taking a tent means you use a common toilet, and may encounter the full wrath of the skies.


 DRIVERS:  Are charged Tent Charge at Rs. 320. Including breakfast – prior to 8:30 am.



From Shillong – Rhino Point:  Drive up road as if going to Cherapunjee.  When you Reach Air force Base  (Eastern Air Command), go about 200m - and see fork in road.   Straight – goes to Cherrapunjee – do not go straight - you should turn to Right, to the far right also is road to go to Elephant Falls (do not go down that one).

  • You will see a sign with directions to various places.  You should follow directions to Mawphlang.  First from this turn go about 10 km to village of Mawngap – this is a main intersection. 
  • Keep going straight another 4 km (you will pass – PHE –Public Health Engineer - along the way.)
Along the way from turn near Airforce Base you will have passed 3 Petrol Pumps – India Oil – Assam Oil – and Indian Oil.
  • You will come to Mawphlang and again a Fork in Road.  At Mawphlang you will see sign to go to Sacred Forest – don’t go there, you will turn right at Fork on road that goes to Mawsynram

After reaching flat area (about 3 km from Mawphlang), drive slowly, you will pass a broken bus shed, another 100 metres or so you will see a small MP sign on Electric Post, here is the dirt road you follow for about 400metres to football field and then our place across the river..  

** Note the house to the left.